Accepted Posters (ISIPTA)

List of Accepted Posters to ISIPTA ’17

  1. Marco de Angelis, Scott Ferson and Luke Green. Statistics for imprecise data: the key for enlarging the IP community.
  2. Eva Endres, Paul Fink and Thomas Augustin. Imprecise Imputation for Statistical Matching.
  3. Alexander Erreygers and Jasper De Bock. Handling the State Space Explosion of Markov chains: How Lumping Introduces Imprecision (Almost) Inevitably.
  4. Thomas Fetz. Efficient Computation of Upper Probabilities of Failure Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Reweighting Techniques.
  5. Scott Ferson and Kari Sentz. Dependence among probability boxes in fault trees.
  6. Paul Fink and Gero Walter. Updated and Extended Network Analysis of the Imprecise Probability Community based on ISIPTA Electronic Proceedings.
  7. Lianmeng Jiao and Xiaojiao Geng. Analysis and Extension of the Evidential Reasoning Algorithm for Multiple Attribute Decision Analysis with Uncertainty.
  8. Maja Kirkeby and Holger Bock Axelsen. Beliefs and Plausibilities in Abstract Interpretation.
  9. Meizhu Li, Jasper De Bock and Gert De Cooman. Imprecise classification of the gram status of the causal pathogen of Clinical Mastitis.
  10. Sabina Marchetti. The Soft Propagation algorithm: a proposal for responsive belief revision with Bayesian Networks.
  11. Cristina Rottondi, Alexander Erreygers, Giacomo Verticale and Jasper De Bock. Modelling Spectrum Assignment in a Two-Service Flexi-Grid Optical Link with Imprecise Continuous-Time Markov Chains.
  12. Milan Studený and Václav Kratochvíl. Implementation of linear core-based criterion for testing extreme exact games.
  13. Natan T’Joens, Gert De Cooman, Arthur Van Camp and Jasper De Bock. Active elicitation of imprecise probability models.
  14. Arthur Van Camp, Gert de Cooman and Enrique Miranda. (Irrelevant) natural extension of choice functions.