The preliminary programme for the upcoming SSLPS18 meeting is now available. Abstracts of the talks can be found here

Friday, 21/09/2018
9.45 Welcome Coffee
10.45 Renato Renner Epistemic Logic in a Quantum World
11.45 Stephan Hartmann The Philosophy of Open Quantum Systems
12.45 Lunch Break
14.15 Christian Wuethrich The atemporal big bang
15.15 Alessio Benavoli Bayes + Hilbert = Quantum Mechanics
16:15 Coffee Break
16:45 Students’ Rump Session

  • Augustin Baas (Geneva), “Minimal Realism”
  • Ämin Baumeler (Vienna), TBA
  • Kathrin Gerhard (ETHZ), “Many Worlds”
  • Arne Hansen (USI), “On the measurement problem”
  • Niels Linnemann (Geneva), “Does GR need an interpretation?”
(after the previous session)

Aperitivo / Cocktail on the Campus


Saturday, 22/09/2018
9.00 Gemma De Las Cuevas On the concept of universality: ubiquity and limitations
10.00 Ruediger Schack QBism, or taking Wigner’s friend seriously
11.00   Coffee Break
Claus Beisbart Reflective Equilibrium – A Method for Logic and Philosophy of Science?
11:30 Olivia Caramello Grothendieck toposes as unifying ‘bridges’ in Mathematics
SSLPS General Assembly