Accepted Papers

  1. Ahmed Abdelrazek, Aditya Acharya and Philip Dasler.
    2048 Without New Tiles Is Still Hard
  2. Matteo Almanza, Stefano Leucci and Alessandro Panconesi.
    Trainyard is NP-Hard
  3. Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Gervasi and Giuseppe Prencipe.
    LOL: An Investigation into Cybernetic Humor, or: Can Machines Laugh?
  4. Jean-Francois Baffier, Man-Kwun Chiu, Yago Diez, Matias Korman, Valia Mitsou, André van Renssen, Marcel Roeloffzen and Yushi Uno.
    Hanabi is NP-complete, Even for Cheaters who Look at Their Cards
  5. Jérémy Barbay.
    Bouncing Towers move faster than Hanoi Towers, but still require exponential time
  6. Michael Bekos, Till Bruckdorfer, Henry Förster, Michael Kaufmann, Simon Poschenrieder and Thomas Stüber.
    Algorithms and Insights for RaceTrack
  7. Michael A. Bender, Samuel McCauley, Bertrand Simon, Shikha Singh and Frédéric Vivien.
    Resource Optimization for Program Committee Members: A Subreview Article
  8. Xavier Bultel, Jannik Dreier, Jean-Guillaume Dumas and Pascal Lafourcade.
    Physical Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Akari, Kakuro, KenKen and Takuzu
  9. Francesco Cambi, Pierluigi Crescenzi and Linda Pagli.
    Analyzing and Comparing On-Line News Sources via (Two-Layer) Incremental Clustering
  10. Nathann Cohen, Mathieu Hilaire, Nicolas Martins, Nicolas Nisse and Stéphane Pérennes.
    Spy-Game on graphs
  11. Marzio De Biasi and Tim Ophelders.
    The Complexity of Snake
  12. Erik D. Demaine, Fermi Ma, Erik Waingarten, Ariel Schvartzman, and Scott Aaronson.
    The Fewest Clues Problem.
  13. Erik D. Demaine, Giovanni Viglietta and Aaron Williams.
    Super Mario Bros. is Harder/Easier than We Thought
  14. Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Paola Flocchini, Giuseppe Prencipe, Nicola Santoro  and Giovanni Viglietta.
    A Rupestrian Algorithm
  15. Jessica Enright and John Faben.
    Building a better mouse maze
  16. William Evans, Mereke van Garderen, Maarten Loffler and Valentin Polishchuk.
    Recognizing a DOG is Hard but not when it is Thin and Unit
  17. Rudolf Fleischer.
    Counting Circles Without Computing Them
  18. Luciano Gualà, Stefano Leucci, Emanuele Natale and Roberto Tauraso.
    Large Solitaire-Army Maneuvers
  19. Felix Herter and Günter Rote.
    Loopless Gray Code Enumeration and the Tower of Bucharest
  20. Takashi Horiyama, Ryuhei Uehara and Haruo Hosoya.
    Convex Configurations on Nana-kin-san Puzzle
  21. Hiro Ito and Takahiro Ueda.
    How to solve the cake-cutting problem in sublinear time
  22. Stefan Langerman and Yushi Uno.
    Threes!, Fives, 1024!, and 2048 are Hard
  23. Fabrizio Luccio.
    An Arithmetic for Rooted Trees
  24. Neeldhara Misra.
    Two Dots is NP-complete
  25. Stefan Neumann and Andreas Wiese.
    This House Proves That Debating Is Harder Than Soccer