Key topics and main objectives

The conference is going to focus on a range of topics covering the whole spectrum of activities required to manage water consumers’ demand: monitoring consumption with innovative smart meters, profiling the user behaviour, understanding how different stimuli can nudge behavioural change, and finally how integrated ICT solutions can be adopted by water utilities.

More specifically, the following TOPICS will be central to the conference:

  • Profiling water consumers, end-use disaggregation of whole house consumption
  • Innovative smart metering technologies for water usage monitoring and control
  • Modelling user behaviour: improved user awareness for behavioural change
  • Modelling user behaviour: the impact of innovative water pricing policies
  • Modelling user behaviour: the role of ICT and gamification in behavioural change in the water domain
  • Open data and standards for smart water systems
  • Software platforms and tools for smart water management.

The conference is particularly aimed at young researchers and PhD students willing to focus their work on solving a real world problem, by bringing in innovative ideas. The conference format will therefore be organised in order to favour the interaction between experienced researchers in the area and young scientists.